Free from Sorrow, 2023. SPARK Gallery, Malmø, Sweden.

If one cannot escape sorrow, one can lighten its weight by spreading beyond ones’ borders. Sorrow, like mass, is heavier the denser it is. And the more confined our mind is, the denser and heavier the sorrow, trapping one in a corner reducing all life to a single dimension. Therefore, one must expand their horizons across dimensions and spiral further outwards to find new states of mind. Sorrow will follow but it will lose it weight as it spreads. Therefore, with openness comes weightlessness from sorrow.

‘Free of Sorrow’ is a site-specific LED light installation, at Spark Gallery in Sorgenfri area of Malmø. The work is a gesamtkunstwerk, a collaboration between locals, students and Studio Jakob Kvist. ‘Free of sorrow” has been co-created through workshops, where the participants have been working with lights, shapes and colors under the supervision of Studio Jakob Kvist. After the workshops, the participants, have been able to bring the lights with them home, to further work on the lights, while some of the lights has been on temporary display in an adjacent gallery. Meanwhile Studio Jakob Kvist have been synthesizing the many impressions and findings of the participant’s works during the workshops, before the lights are being returned to Spark Gallery to be exhibited.

‘Free of Sorrow’ opened at Spark Gallery ( on January 13 th 2023 and was realized with contributions from Sveriges Kulturråd (, Malmø Stad ( og Sveriges Arkitekter, Skåne (

Photos by Max Gerthel: